Have you ever been to antique and flea market in your own country? Well, i’m sure most of you would say yes. Malaysia also has a hundreds of flea market across the country.

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur at the backlane of Petaling Street, there is located a flea and antique market. The market ended in the hallway on Sultan Road (Jalan Sultan).

PASAR KARAT means flea market

Most of the foreign tourists who travel to Kuala Lumpur will never miss a chance to visit Petaling Street. But there is no antique stuff you can get at the market. Differs from the market at the backlane, not all of tourists know of the existence of the secret flea market at the backlane on Jalan Sultan. If you are getting interested to know more about the secret flea market, please continue your reading.

The flea market is open daily as early as 6 am and will ends at around 10 am. Sometimes, the sellers will dissapear earlier than expected to avoid law actions from the local authorities called Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). Some people say that they run because they selling stolen items. Actually, it is not easy to determine if an item being sold is stolen or not. 

Interested in coming to the market ?

If you are planning  to visit the market whenever you come to Malaysia, make sure to arrive early. You can spend at least a couple of hours to make a good deal, taking pictures and videos. There are a lot of second hand items, antique and vintage collectables, old coins and notes, books, electrical items, old cameras, shoes, clothes, bags and many more that you can buy at a low prices.

Foreign currency notes and vintage key chain

Visiting the flea market during weekends especially on Sunday is the best time. There will be more sellers and buyers assemble on that day for their business. Sellers are among Malay and Chinese. Only some of them are Indonesian. 

Visiting flea market sparked some inspiration for photography. Most photographers will come to this place for their photography work. There are interesting scenes you can capture with your expensive lense. From the multi races face, dramatic selling and buying process between sellers and buyers, din and bustle scene, vintage goods and items, buildings, so on and so forth.

Are you dare to buy smart phones at flea market?


!As the market is crowded (especially guys) and the passage is really contained, be careful with your belongings. For girls, be alert for any chances of sexual harassment.

!The market is like many other places that has pickpockets. So, don’t carry valuable things and much cash in your bag or pocket.

!Carry and hold your belongings tightly at front. Do not be so complacent when observe  things and take pictures.

!Always asking permission to photograph people or anything. Based on my previous experience at the market, they were so open minded and didn’t mind at all for photograph. Only a few of them are camera shy.

!Check before buying. As many of the items sold are second hand stuff, make sure to check the conditions of the goods especially for the electrical items. 

There were my sister’s experience. She had bought a damage old type camera. Before buying the camera with RM10, she has tested it using a battery. It was looked good at first. So, she bought it, went to photo center and got a roll of film at RM80. Unfortunately, when she tested the camera to capture image with so exciting, the film rolling button was not working. She lost RM90 included the film roll as she  threw out both into the dustbin.

Happy Shopping at Flea Market:-)