It left than 2 weeks for me to prepare all the things needed before my 10 days of journey at East Java, Indonesia , especially for the camping planning at Ranu Kumbolo. As far as i'm concern, camping at Ranu Kumbolo is not something i can take for granted. You need to hike almost 10 kilometres away starting from Ranu Pani Village before get into the place. 

I'm not going to elaborate more and more before i really really know how that place really is , and until my bare foot standing on the land. Because, you will never know the truth until you go through the real situation with your own body and your eyes as the witness. 

Here i attach some pictures from the web. The pictures of Ranu Kumbolo

This is the place where i will camping, Ranu Kumbolo

Tanjakan Cinta

Oro-Oro Ombo

Ayek-Ayek Stripe