One of the best things to do when you are in a vacation is to wake up early in the morning , which is you rarely doing it when you are at home in you room on weekends.

Second day at Sg. Pauh Cameron Highland Camping Site. I woke up as early as 6 am prepared for dawn prayer. As soon as i jumped out from our tent, coldness catched my skin and bone. It was really really cold as my teeth  clenched. The rain has stopped and i headed to the women's bathroom. There were not many people at that time. So, i had easily get a room to wash my face and brush teeth comfortably without bother. The water was so cold like an ice drink in regrigerator! Urghh..what a cold day !

All is wet

At 6.30 a.m , my twin and i took a bath and prepared for our breakfast at Tanah Rata since there was nothing for us to cook and eat. Bathing early morning in Cameron Highland is very challenging of the cold water. Your brain could be freezing when the water touch your head!

We walked early in the morning

We ate roti canai at a stall at about 8.00 am. The sunshine has brought some warmth and eliminate raindrops and dew in the morning. While eating, we discussed our destination and activity for the day.

Consensus has reached and we decided to go to Gunung Irau. We asked local people how to get there. From their informations,you can get a public bus to Gunung Irau. There is a public bus will stop at Taman Rama-Rama. Informations from the local peoples,  Gunung Irau is located just around the place. We took the public bus and disembarked at Taman Rama-Rama but we found nothing! There is no mountain at all. Hehe...

Chinese woman as the bus attendant

We found a signboard shows distances to Tea Plantation, Mossy Rainforest and other tourist area which is about 8 to 10 km away. We decided to go to Mossy Rainforest by walk. Since there were a few foreigners partners walked together,  we follow behind them and walked as far as 3 km away. 

3 km walking starts from here

There were so many cars along the road at Tea Plantation. Many tourists spend time to snap Bollywood style photos behind the tea leaves. Kuck Kuck Hota Hei Nehi Hei...Hehe.

My twin and i did not interested to snap so many photos around the tea plantation since we've been there about a year ago. So, we just continued our journey .

At Tea Plantation
Local jeep bring tourists

Unfortunately, in the halfway when we reached 3 km away,  we got some informations from the local peoples that Mossy Rainforest is still remote and we had to walk another 7-8 km away to get there. We were so dissapointed ! The time clock has showing 12.30 pm and we had no other choice but to turn back to get public transport. 

To walk 8 km away, will take 3 to 4 hours and we did not found much transports heading to Mossy Forest road at that time. Even, if we managed to get there, we did not have much time to turn back by walking and get public transport to our camping site from the public transport routes which is 3 km away from the Tea Plantation. So, i urged my twin to turn back before evening and not to pursue our desire to go to the Mossy Forest at the day. Besides that, we need to go back to Kuala Lumpur on the next day. 

My twin was really stubborn. At first, she refused to turn back and wished to continue our journey to Mossy Forrest by walk. We had a big argument on the road. As usual, she never wins but to concede with me. Hehe..

We went back to our camp site and arrived around 4.30 p.m. Sincerely, we so dissaponted because we did not get to the place we want to go all this while, Gunung Irau and Mossy Forest which is in the same place.  But all the frustrated had gone when we started to manage for cooking at night. 

On that evening, we went to Tanah Rata to buy charcoal because we failed to  light a fire with wet wood.  We got all stuff for cooking including rice, sardines, eggs etc.

There were only two families left at the camp site. One family with three family members. A mother , a father and their son. The rest was us. silence and peace.

On that night, in a nutshell, we cooked rice, sardines, eggs and prepared hot tea for dinner. Plus, we ate with extra meal. Marrybrown's  fried chickens we bought earlier. The dinner became the best we've ever had. I don't know how come it taste so delicious and  we ate with so appetite. All our frustration on the day dissapeared. We were very satisfied of what we cooked with our hard work especially in attempt to light a fire because it took hours to made it work!

Rice is in making

Eggs, sardine, marrybrown's fried chicken. All in one

After dinner, we had a chit chat outside of our tent and observed stars in the sky. Althought the area covered by trees, we still be able to observe the stars behind the leaves. The temperature was still cold that night. Sometimes, when i opened my mouth to speak, a little vapour out from my mouth. Hehe..exciting with winter vapour huh..

We entered our tent and went to sleep at 10 p.m. On that night, we had a beautiful sleep like a princess in her room palace.

The sad thing was thinking that we gonna leave this place at tomorrow morning. Emmm...