It has been two weeks since my twin and i camped at Kem Sg. Pauh, Cameron Highland. Now, i feel very very good and having a beautiful time and day to update the stories i've been pickeled for 2 weeks !

Ok, about two weeks ago, right before our pay day, my twin and i went to Cameron Highland, spontaneously without planning. At first, we were planning to camp at Sg. Pauh camping site only for 2 days and 1 night. But, due to the bad weather , we decided to continue for another 1 night. 

What? Continue camping in a bad weather instead of go home? Or maybe, we should find a cheap motel as shelter from the rain! No man ! I love this challenge and this is what i've been waiting for soooo long. Hehe !

We went  to the ticket counter and bought 2 express tickets at Puduraya, Kuala Lumpur. We boarded by bus from Puduraya at 9.30 am on 29th March. The journey took about 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland. 

Upon arrival around 1.30 pm, we had a lunch before continuing our journey because we were so starving like dying ! Hehe. 

Right after had a marvellous lunch nearby the bus station, we searched for the Sg. Pauh Camping site. Because this was our first time , we had no idea of the place. So, we just asked to the local people. Fortunately , there were 2 little girls who knows the place. They were so kind gave us the direction to the camp site. What was good,  they were telling us a shorcuts to the place. 

The shortcut can be through by walk. You can find a board written Parit Waterfall, near the Park at Tanah Rata, right after the river. There is small road along the river and it take about 15-20 minutes before you enter a place named Parit Waterfall. There is nothing enteresting at Parit Waterfall. We were so frustrated about the condition of the place because there was nothing good to explore but desolete and quiteness.

We continue by walked on a short hilly road. At the time, we were soooooo tired and exhausted .  Backpack we carried became heavier and we still didn't find the Sg. Pauh camping site !

Short hilly road is heavy enough for someone who bear a backpack

As usual, we asked to the local people and fortunately, there was uncle who knows the place. Time was about 2.30 pm at that time. We continued by walked and reach a small bridge near a homestay village, and mini strawberry parks. It was so cloudy and we knew its about to rain. The clouds touched the top of the trees and the views was so marvellous though! Very fantastic and romantic !

Be careful of your heavy not the bridge. Hehe..

It took only 5 minutes to reach camping site from the bridge and we were so excited because finally, we found the place without a single car and map! Hehe... 

Rhu trees along the road

There were a few groups early before us but there were still available site for us to set up our tent. We set up our tent as fast as possible because the rain was about to coming. And here the outcome. Taraaaaaaa!

Our Hotel California

It was rain once we set up our tent and its continued until midnight. I can't imagine how was so cold we through the first night at the camping site. For Asian people who never been wallow such a cold weather,'s a torture. I'm so sure that the temperature was drop to 20°C-18°C due to the heavy rain all the day. The ground became wet and our tent had a slight leakage due to the heavy rain.

Fortunately, we brought together our sleeping bag and winter coat, a real winter coat , for urgency in case of bad weather and cold temperatures at night in Cameron Highland. We did not carry all that stuff in vain huh! Hehe..

We through the night in a cold , hungry and had a difficulty for a good sleep.

p/s : thanks to my second sister because she lend me rm200 for the camping eventhough i never asked for that money. she is a good sister. i knew it. i only spend rm100 for foods...hehe